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Handicapped accessible Waste and Recycling Container 1100

The set of issues concerning the usability of sliding domed lid containers according to EN 840 was particularly focused on in discussions with representatives of handicapped associations. Access for persons in wheelchairs is not easy, e.g. to manage the sliding domed lid of the waste and recycling container 1100.

These containers could be placed in such a way as to resolve this situation, e.g. by placing them in a cavity in the ground or behind an access ramp. Such measures, however, are not always possible and are, of course, expensive. The situation could be easily remedied by using a waste and recycling container 1100 that has a small hinged lid that is integrated into the front section of the large sliding domed lid of the container. This solution fulfills all of the requirements of the EN 840 and the RAL-GZ 951/1 and, of course, the requirements for childproofing. The GGAWB recommends the use of a waste and recycling container with a small integrated hinged lid in order to provide easy access for persons with limited mobility that use large waste and recycling containers.