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Legal opinion on the use
of the RAL‐ quality mark 951/1

Draft specifications for
"Containers for Waste and Recyclables made of plastic”

Proposal for a price adjustment clause
as part of the contractual terms and conditions and for the evaluation of tenders

Quality assessment and testing requirements

Comparison of test criteria
EN 840 – RAL GZ 951/1

Plastic waste and recycling containers RAL-GZ 951/1
Quality requirements and testing requirements for plastic mobile waste and recycling container

Underground and Semi-underground
Collection Systems as well as Depot Containers RAL-GZ 951/3

for Waste and Recycling Materials – Top Lifted and Bottom Emptied

GGAWB Folder

The mark for approved, safe quality, in line with the relevant specifications


Procedure instructions Nr. 6
Inspection of wheels and casters for AWBs carrying the RAL Quality Mark

Price trends of HDPE - plastics to the GGAWB
Explosive Increase of Raw Materials Prices Must Not Affect the Quality and Safety of Waste and Recycling Containers

Flammability of Mobile Waste and Recycling Containers

Sustainability and preserving resources
RAL quality tested waste and recycling containers

Application Guidelines for Waste and Recycling Containers

Color recommendations
for the identification of waste and recyclables according to the RAL quality mark RAL-GZ 951/1

Awarded GGAWB quality mark for plastic waste containers

Rechtsfragen zur Normensituation AWB 1100 Schiebedeckel
Allgemeine Verkehrssicherungspflicht nach § 823 I BGB