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22. Films and photographs  
Wheel Test Test temperature: 23 °C Test load: For 2-wheeled waste and recycling containers: 40 kg For 4-wheeled waste and recycling containers: 65 kg Test procedure: A wheel is tested on a…  
23. Announcements  
legal tender with the RAL quality mark In the procurement of containers for waste and recyclables, compliance with quality and standards are just as important as a legally compliant tender.  …  
24. Testing institutes  
| Homepage | Initial testing and external quality control of waste and recycling containers are solely carried out by accredited test institutes. In order for a test institute to be accredited,…  
25. Technical definitions  
Below is an overview of the maximum permissible gross weights for plastic waste and recycling containers-DU when filled with waste and recycling materials that have a density of 0.4…  
26. Tested wheels/casters  
Company Diameter 2R/4R Wheel rims material Article number Cert.-no. E.K.H. Plauen 200 2R plastic 40129020/200/E3/P 53705 E.K.H. Plauen 200 2R plastic 40129020/200/E5/P 53605 E.K.H.…  
27. Quality Mark  
The underlying quality and testing requirements were developed by "RAL" (German Institute for Quality Assurance and Product Identification) using an approval process created in conjunction with the…  
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