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11. Awarded Quality Marks  
Awarded Quality Marks  
12. Information  
13. Objectives  
Sustainability and conserving resources through RAL quality tested containers for waste and recycling High quality ensures safety and durability Flexible use of materials generates scope for…  
14. Application Guidelines  
Application Guidelines  
15. Color recommendations  
Color recommendations  
16. Links  
Related industries  
17. Comparison of test criteria  
| Download | You should not be content with anything less than quality tested goods when purchasing waste and recycling containers. The table below provides you with a complete overview of…  
18. Plastic waste and recycling containers  
| Download | Quality requirements and testing requirements for plastic mobile waste and recycling container   1. Area of application 2. Standards and Guidelines 2.1 Product…  
19. Steel waste and recycling containers  
| Download | Quality assessment and testing requirements for steel mobile waste and recycling containers   1.  Area of application 2. Quality requirements 2.1 General …  
20. Normes de base  
Important valid standards for waste and recycling containers (household and industrial) DIN EN 840-1 to -6 Mobile waste containers having a volume of up to 1,700 liters DIN 30737 Mobile…  
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