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Welcome to The Quality Control Association of Waste and Recycling Containers

(Gütegemeinschaft Abfall- und Wertstoffbehälter e.V.)

RAL-GZ 951/1: Not Just a Matter of Course!

For members of the Gütegemeinschaft für Abfall- und Wertstoffbehälter e.V. (Waste and Recycling Containers Quality Association) outstanding product quality is the top priority!

This has led to the firm commitment that our members make to quality assurance and certification. This includes the highest distinction for a container – the RAL GZ-951/1 quality mark. | Download |

Introducing our new Chairman,
Mr. Helmuth Kubin:

At the beginning of the new year, Mr. Helmuth Kubin was elected Chairman and Managing Director of GGAWB e.V. He would therefore like to introduce himself:
Born in 1951 and resident in Dellach im Drautal (Austria), he was a joint founder of Europlast Kunststoffbetriebe GmbH in Dellach, where he occupied the post of Managing Director from 1975 to 2017. During this time, he gained wide experience in the field of the waste industry, container construction and injection moulding technology. Since 2017, he has chaired Europlast’s economic advisory board.
Mr. Kubin would also like to take this opportunity to single out the wide-ranging work of GGAWB e.V. and once more emphasize how different it is from other quality control associations.

Award of the quality label for RAL Quality Assurance according to R-GZ 951/

Application may be made for the award of the RAL quality label for waste and recyclables containers (AWB) with respect either to new sets of tools or to sets already available on the market.

The testing and certification procedure is the same for all AWB.

New public procurement law

Legally compliant tendering with the RAL quality label

Under the menu point „Tendering", you will find a summary of legal opinion together with our suggestion for a price adjustment clause and a draft specification for waste and recyclables containers.

Legal opinion on the use
of the RAL‐ quality mark 951/1

Draft specifications for
"Containers for Waste and Recyclables made of plastic”

Proposal for a price adjustment clause
as part of the contractual terms and conditions and for the evaluation of tenders